We think that nature can boost your day


The project Xylo is an adventure of my last year of study in interactive Design at e-artsup. I choose to work on the disconnection of the citizen and Nature and then decided to write a paper about it.


I decided to create Phi.

It's a connected object made to ambiance your room with natural sound. Phi is connected in real time with wild european area where it catches the sound and the luminosity. This object can be put on a desktop in order to rythm your day and to keep you focused on your work.


Phi can connect you to different things, the sound, the luminosity or both. It can ambiance an open area with two speakers and 40 RGB leds.


The prototype was made with an Arduino Mega 2560 and an Arduino Ethernet shield for the communication. Different sensors are placed in wild area around europe in order to catch the ambiance.


Xilo pack is composed of the object Phi and the alimentation. Inside you can also find a leaflet that describe the product, its story and how he was made.


Everything was handmade in France. Each pack is unique and cost 499€. Fell free to contact me if you want to order one.




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Thanks to

This last year was a big surprise to me because being in charge of everything is sometimes difficult to manage. Xylo was a big experience and if I could do it again I'd do it without hesitation. So I would like to thank my girlfriend Valérie Li who helped me in difficult moments, her gand-mother Atie Poon for helping me this year. Also, thanks to my teammates Romain Sentenac, Mélanie Meng and Thomas Pollet for supporting me everyday.

Thanks to Jonathan Munn, Félicie d'Estienne d'Orves, Nicolas Baumgartner, Wolf Ka, Alexandre Rivaux, Gustave Bernier and Jean-Philippe Jacquot for their advices.

Philippe Monier for the wood structure of the prototype, Thomas Blanc for the great sound design and Clément Mégnin for developing the website.

To finish I would like to thank and dedicate this prototype to my family who helped me moraly and financialy. Without their help i would'nt be where i am now.